Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Social Media Business, 'SQ Modern Media', Starts Up in Memphis

New Social Media Business, 'SQ Modern Media', Starts Up in Memphis
By:  Michael G. Lander

Entrepreneurs, like Cheryl Hurley, of SQ Modern Media, meets
with visitors at the University of Memphis Center for
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exposition at theFedEx
Institute of Technology.
Some people spend a lot of their lives on social media, but for Cheryl Hurley, it's all a part of her business.   Hurley recently founded SQ Modern Media.  It is a company that began just prior to the new year and is focused on harnessing the power of social media.

Hurley's newly founded business was just one of many that were showcased by the University of Memphis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI).  The center featured Hurley's company and others in their Entrepreneurship Expo that took place in the FedEx Institute of Technology on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Hurley's SQ Modern Media is based in Memphis, and she describes her business as a social media marketing and management company that focuses exclusively on the power of social media.  "We help small to medium businesses connect with current and potential future customers," Hurley said. 

Her social media company provides services to businesses that help them to target their efforts where their customers actually are.  They specialize in social media marketing campaigns and they provide daily management of a business' social media needs. 

Hurley's experience on the Internet and her interest in social media is not something that is new for her. "I have always loved technology," Hurley said. 

It is something that she said that she grew up with and she knows it quite well.  She admitted that in high school she often created HTML (HyperText MarkUp Language) code just for fun.  HTML is the computer code used in creating web pages.

Hurley also has had a strong background in writing and served as the Editor in Chief of the University of Alabama's literary and arts magazine, Marr's Field Journal.  The journal is a forum for emerging writers and artists.  She also piloted the Professional Blog Program at the Business Over Coffee International (BOCI).  The stated goal of BOCI is to work with professionals who want to optimize their business through social media, educational exchange, and through networking events.

Hurley currently
maintains two blogs.  The first of these is the SQ Modern Media blog.  The website address is:  A second blog that she has is called the "The Stylist Quo."  The web address for it is:  While the first is all about social media-related topics, the latter one is about putting style back into lifestyle with posts on food and fashion. 

Hurley's interest in fashion and for vintage clothing also extends to another business that she has, which is a clothing shop on 

Hurley's business is one of 34 new businesses that the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the University of Memphis has helped launch.  The staff has also serviced 208 aspiring entrepreneurs.  Some of their more other notable clients have included Coyote Case, Custom Coin Holders, Plixser, Mo's Bows, Minding Your Business, All Things Protective, Valaree's Distinctive Dressings, and Quick Fit. 

The goal for CEI is to advance the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation for U of M students to include residents of Shelby County.  It provides support in learning and collaborating through its curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, workshops, seminars, and its community outreach programs. 

To learn more about CEI, you can call them at (901) 678-5266 or you can visit their website:, their facebook page:, or on Twitter at: 


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